Truck-Nachfüll-Öl 5W-30

Truck Top-up Oil SAE 5W-30 is an all-year engine oil based on synthesis technology and high-quality additives. This high-tech engine oil enables an extremely wide range of applications and fulfils the demands of commercial vehicle manufacturers from around the world. The formulation has been tailored according to the latest emission standards for classes Euro IV, V and VI, with diesel particle filters (DPF) and after-treatment of exhaust emissions. It ensures excellent wearing protection and a high lubricating film stability in all operating conditions. The excellent shear and ageing stability enable long oil change intervals. The low viscosity results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Recommended usage is for diesel engines only.
Art. Nr.: 4615
Talpa: 5L
Paletėje: 112
Dėžutėje: 4

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